Online Special Needs Financial Planning with Personalized Care and Attention

We provide financial planning and supporting resources for special needs families to help create a confident, thriving future for everyone.

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Thinking about the future can be challenging,
but planning is possible and necessary.

Future planning is essential, especially for families that have loved ones with special needs.
As a parent of a child with disabilities, the founder of Able Planning has firsthand experience with the questions, struggles, and rewards you face daily.

We Have the Answers to Your Tough Questions.

By leveraging the power of modern technology with virtual meetings and a robust online portal, we deliver the personalized attention of an independent firm without you ever needing to find a caretaker or leave your home. As an independent firm, our main goal is to help families who are overwhelmed with their finances and who need a team that understands the nuances of having a loved one with special needs. We follow the fiduciary standard, so you know that your best interest is always at the forefront of every recommendation we make.

Getting started on the path to your family’s future financial confidence can be easy. We’ve provided a link below for you to schedule the most convenient time to speak with our team. We look forward to connecting with you.

How We Help

Families and caregivers of persons with special needs require the support of a financial professional who is well-versed in such unique issues as:

Government benefits

The ABLE Act

Special education

Wealth management

Estate planning

Retirement planning for three people

Life insurance

Family dynamics


Emotional and language considerations

Disability law referrals

Provide special needs trusts funding mechanisms

Because we have first-hand experience in each of these areas and more, we are optimistic we can be your partners every step of the way. Planning for the future is possible and necessary. Getting started is easy.