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Planning For Forever

Our lives as parents and guardians are temporary. But our love is permanent.
That’s why of the principles of financial planning for families of children (and adults) with disabilities is to set a financial foundation in place to take care of their needs long after we’re gone.

The challenge is to make sure their needs are covered, and provide for the best quality of life possible – while preserving their eligibility for Medicaid, SSI, and other need-based assistance programs.

Without detailed planning, it is all too easy for well-meaning friends and loved ones to accidentally jeopardize a disabled individual’s eligibility for much needed support programs. For example, a disabled person who relies on SSI and Medicaid should not inherit money or property directly. This would disqualify them from these invaluable assistance programs. By law, they would not be eligible to enroll again until they have spent their inheritance back down to poverty levels.

A qualified special needs financial planning expert and Medicaid planning professional can help you put together a legal and financial framework that will provide for the disabled child for many years – while preserving your financial legacy of love to your child.

In time, it may be necessary to provide for a permanent income for your special loved one – structured in such a way that his or her inheritance cannot.

Creating this financial foundation requires a multidisciplinary approach, involving legal, insurance, tax, and special needs estate planning experts. At times, it also involves bringing in medical and behavioral expertise, special education consultants, adaptive technology experts, and direct care providers. 

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